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With a team of highly-trained, multidisciplinary professionals, Restoration Control will be there to assist you when any kind of damage hits your home or business. We will help you restore your property, regardless of the significance of the damage.


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Emergencies are situations that alter the normal behavior of any individual. During floods, hurricanes, fires or any other natural or man occasioned incidents, the assistance of people trained to face emergencies comes to be the perfect companion.

What is a Disaster Recovery Team

It is a team diverse and relevant to all key needs and operational perspectives that meet to create and actionable disaster recovery program considering all operational capabilities and constraints.

Understanding of roles is crucial in the proper functioning of the Disaster Recovery Team.

Who is part of the Disaster Recovery Team

The Disaster Recovery Team is formed by managers and head of departments with responsibilities dealing with offices, departments and facilities.


The Disaster Recovery Team can include as many groups or sub-groups as needed. The responsibilities are always well defined and notified to each member of the team.

What are the duties of a Disaster Recovery Team

The main objectives of a Disaster Recovery Team must be the restoration, strengthening, and revitalization of the site, surrounding infrastructure and operations.


Communication is crucial because managers, critical decision makers, emergency response teams and other involved individuals must work synchronically to avoid duplicating efforts.

In the Disaster Recovery Team each member must have a specific set of duties to carry out so the work can be encompassed efficiently. There are general duties and specific duties.

The disaster management plan includes:

  1. Identification of the members of the Disaster Management Executive Committee
  2. Assignment of power, authority and responsibilities to individual members.
  3. Status termination
  4. Definition of roles must be recorded in an appointment document.
  5. As a team, the duties include:
  6. Damage assessment
  1. Accessibility and safety of the facility identification
  2. Contacts identification
  3. Range of the repair work identification
  4. Restoration plans development
  5. Duties commitment
  6. Normal functioning of home or business restoration