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With a team of highly-trained, multidisciplinary professionals, Restoration Control will be there to assist you when any kind of damage hits your home or business. We will help you restore your property, regardless of the significance of the damage.


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Debris Removal

Debris…it is a really mess after natural storms, hurricanes, fire, overhauling, or reconstruction. Debris removal is a tremendous job and try to do it by your own is very dangerous.

Professional assistance is always good and Restoration Control can give you the perfect help. We can remove any kind of leftover material: plywood, carpets, drywall, wood, concrete, metal or any other material difficult for you to remove from your place.


You do not need to be complicated moving debris or carrying it out and away home. Best choice is Hiring professionals and do not be exposed to hazardous materials and heavy duties that can injure your health and body.

If you want professionals, Restoration Control is the one for a comprehensive debris removal.

We are avid to help people 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year. We have well trained technicians that really help you when you ask them too.

Understanding Debris

To explain you in brief, debris is a type of waste left after fire, water damage, home removal, construction and any other event. Restoration, natural disasters or other accidental events left behind piles of debris really hard to manipulate, transport or disposal.

To give you an idea of debris removal, we are going to mention the types of debris we can handle for you:

Domestic Debris. You made renovation at home and now you don’t know what to do with the items you changed as curtains, window frames and some other stuff. Now you have debris to disposal.

Also decluttering in basements or attics is suitable for being called domestic debris.

It is hard to say, those changes at home generate wastes that cannot be just dropped in the garbage container, but a professional service for disposing the wastes is required.

Construction debris. There are other debris you might consider as domestic, other debris may result from home renovations like heavy construction materials (concrete and blocks), carpets, tiles and other stuff that are really heavy; these are so called construction debris.

Storm debris. When storms, hurricanes or flood arrives, a huge debris invades your home. Branches, fences, fragments of roof, benches, garden furniture, pool accessories and other items can be blown into your property. Then you need extra help to clean your area and dispose debris professionally.

Fire debris. Fire debris removal is perhaps the most delicate.

Depending on the extension of fire, the removal of household hazardous waste and removal of other fire related debris must be fulfilled.

Household hazardous waste includes lead acid, household batteries, gas cylinders, bulk pesticides, fertilizers and pool chemical; other chemical compounds as thinner, aerosol cans and paints; electronic components from televisions or computers.

Debris from fire are highly contaminant and hazardous to be manipulated. Watch out and ask for professional help.

Debris Removal conducted by professionals

Debris removal is really urgent comparing to other services offered by restoration services. Many of the services for what you might need to hire a restoration company could be handled by you if you are skillful but Debris removal is perhaps one of the most hazardous.

Debris removal is extremely risky and delicate in its performance. The handling of hazardous materials can injure your body; many times debris must be collected to matter weather conditions; an inappropriate disposal of debris might damage your property.

Talking about removal of debris also demands the knowledge of codes and regulations. Wastes must be managed very responsible, following codes and regulations related to waste removal and disposal.

Federal, state and local laws regulate all these actions so you have to know where and how to disposal different types of waste; also special licenses to debris disposal are needed, so you’d rather hire a professional company.

If you didn’t know, an adequate training for handle debris and professional equipment is required at the time debris is removed.

Depending on the amount of debris you need to remove, you will use different specialized tools, vehicles and equipments that particular persons might not have at hand.

Possibly bobcats, cranes or heavy duty dump trucks will be used and instead of thinking about renting those equipments, you better trust on a restoration service.

Debris Removal Restoration Control

At Restoration Control no matter if you are remodeling your home, cleaning up after season, recovering from a storm or succeeding a fire incident, we handle any eventual debris removal with a comprehensive, fast, efficient and supportive methodology. Our very qualified personnel will assist you step by step since the first moment you contact us.

At the very first hour, our personnel will be visiting you to advise about any detail related to debris removal. Our highly qualified technicians will advise you from the starting of the process and you will be confident and relieve. We are completely competent to manipulate, collect and discard debris.

If you started a big project at home, reconstruction, demolition, storms, natural disasters, or fire damage, Restoration Control can help in debris disposal. Do not hesitate about we are capable or not about helping you during debris removal. There is no incident related to debris removal that we cannot manage. We have the tools, the personnel and equipments to mitigate any debris incident. Rely in our hands debris removal since that is a hard task for a particular and non-professional in the area. Do not risk yourself and your beloved ones. Think safe.

We have a plus that is so really important and that is professional certifications that allow us to manipulate, collect and discard debris. Our techniques manage environmental regulations and laws related to debris disposal. As any other restoration service offer by Restoration Control, we care about cleaning and sanitizing. During debris removal, we do our best to clean the area, not only dispose debris. During and after debris removal, our people take care of cleaning and sanitize your home.

There is no debris that is not disposed by us. We are capable to dispose:*Concrete







*Metallic pieces

*Fragments or wooden pieces

*And any other material considered as debris

We are extremely conscious that after debris removal, the wastes must be dump with a safer environmental method. We are nature conscious and keep balance of the nature, handling and disposing debris is the best way.

Some Risks of Doing by yourself a Debris Removal

When disposal debris, we manage it by using best practices. Debris removal requires the use of appropriate appropriate equipments during handling, removing and transporting. And as we said before, debris removal is not easy at all. Some risks of doing by yourself involve:

Hurting yourself. When manipulating debris you are in direct contact with metal, sharp pieces of wood, and more. You can cut yourself and get serious infection.

Having physical injuries. Debris is heavy. Removing requires lifting heavy materials that can hurt your back.

Exposed yourself to respiratory problems. When removing materials, dirt and dust fly into your lungs and a respiratory problem or allergies can be triggered.

Receive a legal penalty. Debris must be disposal appropriately and you have no experience or certifications to do so. Do not think about saving money by doing yourself the job. Hiring experts will save you money by time, avoiding risks and get the satisfaction of a well done job.

Trust on Restoration Control. Call us anytime. We are a company founded to be at your side.