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With a team of highly-trained, multidisciplinary professionals, Restoration Control will be there to assist you when any kind of damage hits your home or business. We will help you restore your property, regardless of the significance of the damage.


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What is Hurricane Damage?

Rain, winds, tornadoes, and storm surges related to hurricanes cause changes in natural environments, man-made buildings, and even loss of life.

When a hurricane is over the ocean and far from land, the winds and large waves created by the storm are a danger to ships in the sea. Furthermore, when a hurricane approaches land, it can generate enormous damage to buildings.

The amount of damage depends on the intensity of the storm and what it hits. Damages can be perfectly confronted and handled by the experts, Restoration Control is a company founded to help you.

A combination of winds, storm surge, and rain can inflict extensive damage to buildings, power lines, roads, and automobiles. For this reason, it is widely accepted that hurricanes represent the most violent storms on the planet.

They are usually called in different ways, such as typhoons or cyclones, according to their place of origin.

The term “hurricane” is applied to those cyclones that form over the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. However, regardless of the term used, all cyclones are formed in the same way.

Probably you have experienced the effects of those natural events in your own home. You must be concerned because those forces are tremendously powerful.

No human power can prevent or control them. Movement followed by hurricanes is determined fundamentally by prevailing winds. The trajectory of terrestrial rotation also influences the trajectory, which pushes the hurricanes to move slightly to the north while crossing the ocean.

Levels of Hurricanes

Hurricanes are ranked due to their intensity, according to the speed of the wind they reach, the damage they cause in earth and the storm surge. Hurricanes can be divided into five categories:

*Category 1: winds reach speeds between 119 and 153 kilometers per hour. Waves can increase up to and one and a half meters above normal levels.

A category 1 hurricane usually causes minor damages like losing a few tiles on the roof of your property, sending small debris to fly, and pulling out trees and signs.

*Category 2: winds reach speeds between 154 and 177 kilometers per hour. Waves can reach up to 2.4 meters high.

It causes damage to roofs, doors and windows in buildings, homeowners can expect them to be shaken by wind and generate some worrisome noises.

*Category 3: winds reach speeds up to 209 kilometers per hour and waves of up to 3.6 meters.

These hurricanes are able to cause structural damage to certain buildings, like small houses.

*Category 4: winds reach speeds between 210 to 249 kilometers per hour and waves may exceed 5 meters height.

They usually cause serious damage to houses on the coast and to the roofs of the most distant homes.

*Category 5: this is the last category in which hurricanes are classified, and because of this, they are the most deadly and devastating ones.

Its winds exceed 250 kilometers per hour and waves reach up to 6 meters or more. Houses tend to collapse and most of the time they fall completely as the roof is ripped and leaves behind the walls, you would hardly see any trees still standing and the damage can only be described as catastrophic.

In such terrible event, you are not able to solve damages by yourself. You need for sure appropriate help in emotional, material and logistical aspects. Once the crisis ends, look for community groups which provide you with professional assistance. But for damages at home, do not hesitate in calling us. Restoration Control is for you 24/7 with experts that will solve material damages you might encounter at home.

Restoration Control is there for you during Hurricanes

Registering any damage to property with pictures is extremely important. This will help when contacting your insurance company to request assistance.

Once the danger is gone and it is time to rebuild, inform yourself about restoration companies.

When looking for a restoration company, professionalism, experience, quick response and low prices are top priority in your list. You may want to hire different restoration companies to cover each one of these aspects; however, if you want to have your property recovered by a single company that meets every aspect listed above, you should definitely call Restoration Control.

Restoration Control will evaluate any possible hazard and estimate the amount of damage your property suffered. An action plan will be presented based on every particular case. Depending on your needs, Restoration Control will:

*Provide a contact direct line to their representatives.

*Set guidelines to secure your safety.

*Inspect water and wind damage around the property.

*Propose a step by step plan to secure the restoration of the place.

*Present a competitive budget.

*Set a photographic record of the damage suffered.

*Remove any debris and waste the area may present.

*Extract and remove remaining water in the property.

*Dry and dehumidify the structure.

*Clean, disinfect and sanitize the place.

*Restore your home or building to its pre-damage condition.

Do not risk your home and family. Let a leading company take care of your needs and bring your restoration problems to an end. For a safe solution, call Restoration Control.

Important Advices to Follow During Hurricanes Emergencies

To prevent your family from being a victim, you should keep in mind that the hurricane season usually starts on May in the Pacific Ocean and on June in the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, these estimations have started to fluctuate recently.

In order to be prepared for the upcoming winds from tropical storms, it is recommended to prepare yourself as soon as possible; however, you should also remember that it might be impossible to keep your property undamaged depending on the category of the hurricane, so these measures are oriented to save human lives:

* First, it is mandatory to listen to the official information of the emergency authorities and be alert for any additional information. Official authorities should let people know if it is recommended to stay at home or evacuate to a safer area:


* In case of evacuation, carry only what is really necessary, cellphones, medications, identification documents (such as passport or driver’s license) and cash along with an emergency kit. This emergency kit should include enough water and food for at least three days, a battery radio, flashlight, first aid kit, extra batteries, maps, cellphone chargers, personal sanitation products, and other things considered essential. If given time enough, cut the gas, water and electricity and unplug any electric device. Drive only in secured roads.

* If it is necessary to stay at home, do not stop listening to the radio or television to keep informed and follow the emergency instructions given.

Stay at home until an official message has been emitted informing that the hurricane has passed. Sit in a small room with no windows on the lowest floor that is not subject to flooding and be ready to leave the house immediately if authorities say so.

Even when authorities say that is safe to leave the house, keep listening to the official information and follow any instruction given. It is also important to avoid using electrical devices and walking on flood waters to prevent electric shocks. Save battery on your phone when possible for emergency calls.