What is Fire Damage?

Fire left destruction, debris and deep smoke odor behind. Hiring top quality restoration services becomes the ideal solution when experiencing that horror and if you are looking professionals, Restoration Control is the name. We are a firm which owns equipments and professional teams that remove damaged items and bring back beauty and comfort to your home. It is not necessary to be a master on restorations if you have experts that can take care of it. Promptly service as well as personalize attention.

Wild fires can catch in any time your home, leaving a huge amount of damages behind. You live terrible moments of anguish and despair, without knowing what to do and what will happen next. Moments of confusion where you do not know if your life is in danger or your beloved is in danger; you have no idea about your home future. Professional help is necessary in that moment and for recovery process. At the moment of the emergency you must call immediately emergency services and after confusion and emergency has ended, you will require restoration services. Then you can call Restoration Control.


Restoration Control is a company which counts with professional personnel, best equipments and a vast experience in the field of restoration. We care about all our clients trying to provide them with a top quality service to restore all damages caused by fire. Surpassing the situation is not a really easy task; in consequence you can count that our services will relieve all your worries, obtaining best service you can imagine. From top to down, we will supervise, inspect, diagnose and restore damages in your home.

Fire brings destruction, smoke, dust and soot. Removal of all of them is a serious task. To eradicate them might entail couple of weeks and the use of equipments and multiple processes to return the best ideal conditions of well living to your home. If you desire a fine finish after fire damage, you rather need to hire professional restoration services with plenty of certifications on fields like debris removal (appropriated handling and debris disposal) and a correct extraction of smoke odor in every room of your home.

Besides fire and smoke damages, water or foam used to extinguish fire might jeopardize other damages at home. Actions for removal and mending of those damages require the use of delicate techniques. If you had not thought before about all those particularities that entail fire damages, Restoration Control did. Our experience in the field of restoration entitles us to perform the best restoration service and bring back safety to your home.


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Items at home that can cause fire

When talking about fire, you have to know that different elements at home might produce fire. Be careful about them for having a safer environment. Fire is classified into β€œclass”. And they are:

  • Class A: it deals with solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles which might catch fire
  • Class B: it is resulting from flammable liquids like oil, petrol, diesel, etc.
  • Class C: it involves gases
  • Class D: it is related to metals
  • Class E: it is the one originated by electrical appliances, lamps, etc.
  • Class F: it is caused by cooking oils like the one in fryers.

Restoration Control takes care about Fire Damage

Once experiencing fire damage, the assistance of Restoration Control implies a complete service; restoration, smoke removal and humidity control are some of the services you probably need after a fire accident. Our people will perform restoration in the safest way so you and your family can get fix everything at home and going back to your normal life in a really short time. We really care about you immediately you make your first phone call. You will get assistance within an hour, enjoying a promptly and efficient service. At the moment we arrive to your property, we will supervise your damaged damage area, evaluate damages and design the best strategy for restoration. Our procedure is made of simple but accurate steps:

  1. Inspection. When your home is caught by fire, damages are from reasons like fire itself, debris, smoke, foam or water used to extinguish fire and more. During our first visit, we are going to keep an eye to all the area you inform us that was affected by fire, but using our expertise, we are going to search collateral damages that my occur. During the inspection, we identify damages and make the diagnostic. We provide you with a list of damages give you an expert advice and propose the strategies required for all our work. With your approval, we will start our job.
  2. Preparation of equipments. For fire restoration services, to unfold a vast array of equipments is imprescindible. Equipments for water extraction, smoke odor removal, or humidity control are demanded and Restoration Control never saves on technology. We use top ranked equipments in order to get a fine finish and a neat work. After inspection, we know what we need and we set everything.
  3. Water removal and Dry affected area. Fire fighters actions leave water or foam at your spot. The activities to remove water are neatly conducted by our personnel. We have proper machines for water extraction. Then we will dry mechanically all affected area which is extremely important for avoiding mold growing. Besides water extraction, we have to remove material damaged by fire or water: damped furniture, burned walls or carpets, or debris. The disposal of them must be fulfilled following certificated procedures and in appropriated dump areas. We can manage it.
  4. Preparation of zone. We reach the place, set the equipments and conduct the removal of damaged materials, or debris. In the inspection we get useful information which give us a clear idea about the what to do. In this step, we take all the materials, chemical products and equipments to finish the task.
  5. Dehumidification and Containment. Usually the elements used to mitigate fire left high humidity levels at home. We manage that issue by using dehumidification machines that after being installed, extract humidity and bring back the ideal humidity levels at home.
  6. Odor Removal. Smoke odor is extremely penetrating. Sometimes weeks are required to remove it from your home after fire. We will focus on cleaning dust from affected areas and also from air ducts, which usually catch smoke odor. Fresh air is mandatory so we will extract smoke odor by implementing expert techniques as well as pro equipment.
  7. Cleaning. Removing damages materials, waste and debris; restoration activities and all the related jobs performed by our firm requires the final cleaning job. When we talk about quality, it also involves delivering a healthy and pure environment when all infecting elements and unpleasant odors were removed. Restoration Control gives you the best service because we care about every detail.

When you hire us, Restoration control, you can be sure that we will assist you with the better experience in Fire and Water Damage Restoration techniques because our personnel is devoted to answer at your emergency call. We are really honored to work with you. If it was a big or a small accident, we can fix it. We are certified and insured company with coverage all Florida State with branches in several of the most important cities.

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Our advice when facing fire damage

Fire is of course, too dangerous for you and family. Taking some advices will be always useful:

  1. Leave home as soon as you notice smoke odor and call emergency services.
  2. If smoke already invaded your home, watch out because walking into a foggy area might be extremely dangerous.
  3. Open the windows and doors for ventilating smoke.
  4. If you are not trained, never try to suffocate fire by yourself.


For restoration, call Restoration Control. 24/7 for you.

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