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  • What is Fire Damage?
  • Household Items That Can Lead to a Fire 
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What is Fire Damage?

Fire is devastating, as it can absolutely destroy your home — leaving behind only debris, a deep smoke odor, and harmful ash. If you are facing fire damage in your home or business, hiring a professional restoration service is the ideal solution. At Restoration Control, we understand how horrific fire damage can be, but our team of experts is here to help you get your house restored.  With top-of-the-line equipment and a team of experienced, professional experts, we will bring the comfort and beauty back to your home. If you need assistance restoring your home after fire damage, contact Restoration Control today.

If you live in an area prone to wildfires, your home can be subject to devastation at any time, leaving a significant amount of damage behind. We know that wildfires can lead to anguish, despair, and uncertainty, as you may not know what steps to take next. Professional help is necessary to restore your home to its original state. Contact Restoration Control for more information today. 

Fire Damage Restoration

At Restoration Control, we have a team of trained and experienced professionals, top-of-the-line equipment, and specialized techniques for restoring your home or business. We care about each of our clients and make it our number one priority to meet their expectations by providing high-quality services. From the first time you get in contact with us, we will do our best to provide you with outstanding service, meeting every one of your needs along the way. 

Fire brings destruction — including dust, smoke, and soot — all of which are hazardous to human health. Removal of these hazards is a dangerous task, but it must be completed promptly to ensure human safety and health. Cleaning up a home that has serious fire damage is a daunting task that may take weeks. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also requires specialized equipment and procedures. When you hire Restoration Control, our certified, knowledgeable team of experts will help you restore your home safely, in a timely manner.  

Besides fire and smoke damages, water or foam used to extinguish fire might jeopardize other parts of your home, such as furniture or electronics. Removing these substances and restoring your belongings requires special techniques. Contact Restoration Control for assistance with removal today.

Household Items That Can Lead to a Fire

Wildfires are not the only concern, as items in your home can lead to a house fire as well, which can be just as devastating as a wildfire. Various elements and equipment in your home can cause fires, so it is important to be aware of how to create a safe environment in your home.

Fire is classified into different classes. Each class is as follows:

  • Class A: Fire caused by solid materials such as wood, paper, or textiles that may catch fire.
  • Class B: Fire resulting from flammable liquids such as oil, petrol, diesel, etc.
  • Class C: Fire involving gases.
  • Class D: Fire related to metals.
  • Class E: Fire originated by household items such as electrical appliances, lamps, etc.
  • Class F: Fire caused by cooking oils, like the oils used in fryers.

How Restoration Control Can Help With Fire Damage

If you have experienced fire damage in your home or business, Restoration Control will provide a complete service. Beginning with home restoration, we will then move to smoke removal and humidity control. Our certified team will perform safe and effective restoration in your home or business to get you back to normal life in a timely manner. Restoration Control is here to help you from the time you make the first call, to the end of our procedure. After the initial phone call, one of our team members will be there to assist you within the hour. After we arrive at your property, we will assess the damage done to your property and begin devising a strategy to complete restoration as quickly as possible. Our procedure is made of simple, but effective steps:

  1. Inspection: When your home is damaged by fire, issues arise from the fire itself, along with debris and smoke, or foam and water used to extinguish the fire. During our first visit, we are going to inspect each area that you stated was damaged. Using our expertise, we will also identify any collateral damage that has also occurred. During the inspection, we will provide you with a list of damages and give our expert advice on which strategies we feel are required to restore your home. After we have your approval, we will begin the official restoration process.
  2. Preparation of Equipment: For fire restoration services, we will use a vast array of equipment. Because fire damage restoration requires a variety of processes — including water extraction, smoke odor removal, and humidity control, Restoration Control uses a range of tools and top-of-the-line equipment to guarantee we are providing the highest quality restoration possible. During this step, we will begin setting up the equipment and ensuring everything is in place.
  3. Water Removal and Drying: While the work firefighters conduct is invaluable for protecting our safety and our homes, their work often leaves behind significant damage. When extinguishing the fire, they often use an overwhelming amount of water and foam. The first part of our procedure involves drying the affected areas and removing all potentially hazardous substances, like foam. Drying the area quickly is important to prevent mold growth, which can also be damaging to human health. In addition to water extraction, we will also have to remove any materials damaged by fire or water — including dampened furniture, burned walls or carpets, debris, ash, soot, and more. The disposal of these materials must follow certified procedures that require appropriate disposal. Due to the complexity of this step, hiring a professional is necessary. Contact Restoration Control today if you need assistance removing materials from your home that have been damaged by fire.
  4. Preparation of Damaged Zone: After the equipment has been set up and we have begun drying the affected area and removed damaged materials, we prepared the damaged zone for restoration. In this step, we will use our unique materials, chemical products, and equipment to finish the task.
  5. Dehumidification and Containment: Usually the elements used to mitigate fire leave significant amounts of humidity levels in your home or business. At Restoration Control, we manage these issues using dehumidification machines that after being installed, extract humidity and bring humidity levels back down to a normal level.
  6. Odor Removal: Smoke odor is extremely pungent and can be hazardous to our health.It can sometimes take weeks to remove smoke odor from a home or business. During the odor removal step, our team at Restoration Control will focus on cleaning dust from affected areas, including air ducts, which usually catch smoke odor. Fresh air is mandatory for human health, so we will extract smoke odor by implementing expert techniques as well as professional equipment.
  7. Cleaning: During the cleaning procedure, we will continue to remove damaged materials, including waste and debris. Our goal is to deliver procedures that restore a healthy environment in your home or business. Restoration Control strives to give you the best service because we care about every detail.

When you hire Restoration Control, you can guarantee that we will assist you in restoring your home and navigating the uncertainty of having your home severely damaged by a fire. Our team is devoted to answering every call at any time. We offer 24-hour services, every day of the week for 365 days out of the year. We are honored to work with you and help you restore your home into its original condition. Regardless of the significance of the fire damage to your home or business, Restoration Control is here to help you. Our certified and insured team of experts offers coverage across Florida State, with branches in several of the most important cities across the United States.

Fire Damage Restoration2

Our Advice When Facing Fire Damage

Fire is extremely dangerous to your and your family. It is important to be aware of the correct procedure if you are ever in the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with a fire in your home.  Restoration Control provides professional advice on what to do if you are facing a fire in your home. Read below for more information:

  1. Evacuate your home as soon as you smell smoke. Call emergency services after you are outside.
  2. If smoke has already invaded your home, take caution, as talking into a smoking area can be very dangerous.
  3. If you have time to do so safely, open the windows and doors for ventilating smoke.
  4. If you are not trained, never try to extinguish a fire by yourself.
  5. Leave all belongings in the house. Do not spend extra time trying to gather personal items, as fire can progress rapidly.

If your home has been damaged by a fire, we can help. 

For professional restoration services, call Restoration Control. We are here 24/7 to help restore your home to its beautiful condition.

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