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What is Wind Damage?

Wind season disturbs you? Have you ever been a victim of wind damages? Do you still carry with damages from winds? If you answered yes, Restoration Control is here to help you and take away all your fears related to wind damages. Being fearful about winds is not a mere feeling; every year, winds damage many homes along Florida State. Roofs, water pipes, landscapes, and sometimes complete homes are razed by strong winds. Losses are of millions and recovery process after it might be really uphill. As a professional restoration company, we can manage any particular service required after wind damage. We count with well trained professionals that master the world of reconstruction.

After devastation, confident decisions are critical. Try to overcome that initial fearful feeling to ask professional assistance. In hands of experts, you can be confident about a soon resettlement of your home to move on with your everyday routine. If you have gotten small damages or huge devastation, Restoration control can design the perfect work plan and in short time, you will be living comfortably in your spot. Call us for a free inspection. Do not postpone that expert help we can provide you.

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Restoration Control is an Expert Option after Wind Damage

During strong winds, it is always better to stay at home avoiding being outside. To be safe at home is highly advisable. When windy activities end, and no danger is outside, it is the time to get out and inspect damages. A simple visual inspection can give you a general idea about damages. Be cautious and never try to move debris by yourself. As soon as you can start phone calls, the best choice is to call professional restoration services. As experts, Restoration control manages complete action plans in every casualty.

Once you contact us, we will target your issue and coordinate all necessary actions to commit damages. Having worked before in this kind of accidents, give us a general idea of possible needs and also a clear understanding about your emergencies. Our action plan is really effectively concise:
You might know that we offer free inspection. Well, don’t hesitate and give us a call once experiencing wind damages. Call us and we will reach your home addressing a deep supervision that will provide us all the required information to elaborate the action plan to solve all damages occurred in your house. Expert supervisors can target common damages and also instinctively will find out imperceptible harms. After inspection, we will inform you about damages and how to figure out the solution, as well as an estimated. If we agree, letΒ΄s get cracking.

Wind damages left heavy debris and the removal of it is our first task. Winds destroy roofs, windows, doors, and more at your house; besides, winds carry to your property branches, garbage, broken furniture, metal pieces and more; then a huge amount of debris can be spread along and we can get rid of it. Collection of debris and its disposal is extremely hazardous: pieces of glass or pieces of wood can hurt you while handling it. Never try to do it by yourself. Besides, debris disposal must be executed only by certified people. Do not worry because we have the experience for debris management and the certification for its removal.
O.K…debris removal done…we begin with restoration tasks. Because the habitual area damaged by wind is roof, we start a deep inspection there. When there are chimneys, we inspect for damaged bricks, leaning, loose or missing flashing, or cracked joints; also, we check loosen or lost shingles, holes or destroyed roof. Technicians usually check the glue of shingles; if shingles move, this is a clear indicator that they are not well sealed and water may get into your house through the roof.

Depending on the damage, the taken operation is particular: when treated tiles are found, we replace or glue them. Corners of roof are more susceptible of being holed; if holes or destroyed roof are the problem, measures like restoration or tarp installation are lead. Tarp is usually a good option to protect your home. They are resistant and available in different sizes to fit specific needs. If the roof cannot be repair immediately, tarp will protect your home for a couple of months. Trust on our experience about roof. We follow accurately the rules and regulations of the National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA).
Other aspect covered by our services is damages related to water. If winds arrived accompanied by rains or storms and water get into your home, it is verily sure that humidity has installed in the property. Humidity is perfect for mold growing. When mold is found, correct procedures like remediation, containment and removal of damaged material are performed. Our technicians will be aware about the occurrence of any damaged derived from wind and its proper solution.

Moving on the labors, Restoration Control people will replace broken windows, doors, plumbing leaks, bursting pipes or electricity damages. Our job is to restore perfectly endangering damages in your property. After all damages have been resolved, a final touch in our plan is the deep cleaning and sanitization of the entire environment. By using professional chemical products, equipment and specialized techniques, we guarantee perfectly habitability in your home. We are always involved in your safety so we deliver homes in neat, clean and safe conditions.

Talking about Winds and Reasons they are so damaging

Winds are the result of gases flow on a large scale. On Earth surface, wind is the bulk movement of air. Velocity, density and energy are particular characteristics of winds which make them rough or inoffensive. Winds considered damaging are the so called β€œstraight-line” which are usually derived from outflow caused by strong thunderstorms downdraft. The speed of them may exceed 50-60 mph but are below 100mph and their damage may be extended for hundreds of miles.

The real reason of the damages from the wind comes from the mobilization of material. Winds can mobilize debris, shards of glass, tree branches and more; those materials are expelled through the air and then fall onto or across your roof, windows or doors, destroying home sets. If you live in a risky area or you hear a thunderstorm is coming, it is important to be always warned taking some prevention actions to guard your home from the wind violence. Some advices for you are:

* If you are planning to move or buy a new house in a considered windy zone, avoid houses with large areas made of glass, glass doors or big glass windows. If you already live in a windy zone and your home is kind of β€œglassy”, take precautions to secure windows and other areas of glass.
* The set of permanent storm shutters to protect windows will be always a good option. Try aluminum or steel and manually operated shutters; when selecting motor-driven, electrical outages wonΒ΄t let them work. Remember to choose models adequate to the wind and impact standards for your area.
* When not having enough pockets for getting permanent shutters, a cheaper option will be to take temporary plywood covers. They can be set too quickly and they also suitable for sliding glass doors and French doors.
* Strengthen the doors or gates in your garage. A garage door not very strong is an entrance to danger in windy situations. Objects might hit it, getting into the location and damaging other areas or cars. Always prefer professional help if you think you need extra secure the doors.
* Secure or tie objects outside your property that you think can be easily moved by winds. Secure garden furniture or pool accessories, umbrellas, trash containers or grills. Flying furniture can break windows, doors and roof.
* Remove trees close to your property that might eventually fall over your house. If they seem weakened or dead trunks, they will tend to break. Be careful and cut scratched parts of the trees: if there are branches over your roof that can damage it, also cut them. To preserve trees is important, but sometimes trees are not beneficial but dangerous.

Continuous supervision of your property is mandatory. You have to be sure that your home is in good conditions and that it can resist wind outburst. Check your roof conditions. Check for loose or missing shingles; if you see any loose, secure and fix it. If you need roof again, invest in weather-resistant shingles. Ask for professional help. Call Restoration Control any time. We are 24/7 for you and we offer free check-up.