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With a team of highly-trained, multidisciplinary professionals, Restoration Control will be there to assist you when any kind of damage hits your home or business. We will help you restore your property, regardless of the significance of the damage.


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What is Fire Damage?

The damage caused by fire is extremely devastating and can destroy any type of commercial business.

At Restoration Control we have a well-trained and specialized team that is prepared not only to act in front of the damage already made but also to prevent any kind of incident with fire.

Here in Restoration Control we care for you and your business; in case that you have a fire in your facility we help you to get back into business, we recognize how important is protect your investment, and we focus on minimize the damage to your business or facility.

In commercial facilities the risk of fire is pretty high because of defective electrics, as can be loose wires, as well as any faulty equipment that can overheat or cause sparks; the lack of cleaning is also one cause of fire in a business place as well as the misplacement of some implements like gas, oil or a spray can.

Here at Restoration Control we are aware of all this causes and we have an immediate response from our staff and our teams, we are ready to move according the urgencies.

It is needed to take in consideration that when fire attacks and devastates a commercial facility, often there are also present problems related to the water use to extinguish the flames.

The extent of the fire damage, whether aesthetic or structural, will determine how much work must be performed to restore the business space to its previous condition. At Restoration Control, we take all the precautions to limit the damage from soot and smoke while cleaning and rebuilding your place.

The proper procedures and safety are top priorities to Restoration Control. We have the proper knowledge and experience teams to handle the most challenging situations in full compliance with regulations and permits.

We can assure you that the damage clean up and restorations will be handle with expertise and a personal touch.


Smoke can cause more damage than the one that is visible. Even with a small fire a business place can be affected and it needs to be thoroughly checked and cleaned before it can be used once again or it can have even worst consequences and cause more damage.

Restorations Control has the proper equipment to clean and restore items such as carpets, walls, ceilings, electronics and woodwork from damage caused by smoke, and not necessarily the fire itself.

We can also take in consideration the decontamination of the HVAC systems and ductwork to remove any extra danger that can produce another incident or health issues among the personal that works in the facility.


Restoration Control is perfectly qualified to process interior or exterior reconstructions.

We can take care of emergency repairs, controlled demolitions and emergencies presented at any hour and any day, we offer services during the 24 hours per day as well as the 7 days of the week. Also we are aware of the insurance companies and we can work along with them to have a very smooth restoration process.


Using different document recovery procedures, we can restore and recover vital business documents, furniture, fixtures and electronic equipment.

We also focus on cleaning and restoring any salvageable item.

We do this procedure by cleaning and deodorization using a range of wet and dry methods.

The first step in the restoration process is to inspect the facility and create a formal fire damage assessment before boarding up and placing a temporary cover over the affected area if necessary; Then we will remove the soot and smoke from all the surfaces before cleaning and sanitizing the entire facility and restoring it to it former condition.


Not at all, Restoration Control understands that each situation is unique and how urgent it is for the business to go back on track as soon as possible. To mitigate fire and smoke damage as much as it can be possible and also taking in count the activities in the business place, to minimize the interruption of the activities, we take in count some steps like:

* Secure the facility

* Ventilate the premises to draw out dust and soot from the air.

* Removal of any contents, separating salvageable and unsalvageable items in the process. Salvageable items are moved to a secure location for restoration and storage until the reconstruction process is complete.

* Cleaning the facility, including ceilings, walls, floors and any permanent fixtures to prevent further damage from the acidic effects of soot.

* Clean carpers and upholstery, if possible, to completely neutralize any acid contained in soot and minimize further damage.

* Using specialized equipment, deodorize the facility.

* Clean and sanitize any salvageable item.

* Decontaminate ductwork and HVAC system.


* Debris Removal.

* Emergency Board-ups.

* Full Reconstruction.

* Hot Thermal Fog Treatments.

* Odor Removal.

* Ozone Treatments.

* Permits and Planning.

* Personal Items Cleaning.

* Puff-Backs.

* Soot Clean up.

* Storage Facility for Salvageable Items.

* Temporary Power.

* Water Extraction.

* Estimates to Comply with Insurance Claims Process.


The experts at Restoration Control will provide you with all the prevention methods and secure your business before an incident could happen, or prevent to happen again.

A way to prevent incidents is having a check list with questions about the security in the place, the cleaning in the facility, how prepared is the staff in the building to face a situation like that, if the emergency equipment is available and such questions.


Aerosol cans are one of the most flammable everyday items due to the propane or butane used as a propellant. The can could explode if overheated or exposed to sunlight, so keeping any aerosol cans in your workplace in a secure, ventilated area is the best.

Drain cleaners and disinfectants all contain chemicals that can be combustible if not stored correctly. If you have cleaning products stored on your premises, never allow these liquids to come into contact with an ignition source, and be sure to store them the right way up with lids screwed on, in a locked ventilated cupboard.

Heaters when an item is used to warm things around it up, it has the serious risk of overheating and causing a fire. To keep heaters from harm’s way, make sure they are cleaned and serviced regularly.

A damaged power cord can spark and cause a fire to spread within seconds.

All electronic equipment should be serviced and maintained regularly.

Paper and dry waste, one of the biggest causes of fire to spread is the improper storage of dry, combustible waste such as paper and cardboard. Many offices and busy workplaces have an abundance of these dry goods that are not stored correctly.

Soft furnishings such as sofas are more common in offices where a more relaxed atmosphere is favored. The fabrics that upholster this furniture is often flammable, which in the event of a fire can burn rapidly and pose a risk to anyone nearby.

Gasoline causes an average of 8,000 house fires every year, due to improper storage. If you have gasoline on your premises, make sure it is stored at ground level and away from any heat sources.

Styrofoam, polystyrene is classified as a ‘B3’ product, meaning highly flammable. It is prohibited from being used as insulation, or in any exposed installations in building construction, but is popularly used as packaging protection. If you have Styrofoam in the workplace, make sure it is stored and disposed of in the proper and safe way.

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