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If you think water damage is an inconvenience, you have not experienced a sewage backup problem. It is more common than people might think and also the most awkwardness.

Damages caused by sewage backup range from property damages to health problems, affecting sanitary tasks. Sewage backup can be devastating.

To get rid of those problems requires investing time, effort and money to fix or sterilize products and tools.

When an event this kind occurs, usually the health of the people involved is in risk, due sewage contains a huge amount of contaminants that are hazardous and highly infectious.

When an event this kind occurs, usually the health of the people involved is in risk, due sewage contains a huge amount of contaminants that are hazardous and highly infectious.

Collecting, cleaning or any task related to sewage manage is really annoying, delicate, stressful and an endless nightmare.

If you doubt for just some minutes calling a professional cleaning service, bewail immediately.

It would be the money best invested ever.

Immediately to sewage event occurs, you need to call professionals to solve the problem.

Trust on Restoration Control for that task. Do not expose yourself and your family to biologic agents such as viruses, bacteria, and illnesses.

Contact us for Sewage Backup assistance; we’ll be on charge.

We get to your home or wherever that you need our service, and identify the issue, go to the source and solve it right away.

Our professional team is well trained in the manipulation of sewage, handling Sewage Backup, draining, cleaning, restoration, and any other service that a sewage accident might require, including addressing Sewage Backup promptly.

We count with the most modern equipment, highly qualified personal and huge expertise on sewage treatment.

Be stealthy about this kind of trouble and rely on us the sewage.

Types of Sewage

You already know that exposure to sewage is a risk for your health in many aspects.

It is important you be aware that there are three kinds of sewage, namely Sewage Backup, and they are contaminants at different levels.

Sewage is categorized into clean water, greywater, and blackwater.

Clean water. As clean water is considered like the water that is “clean”, it means, that comes from sources with no contact with any kind of waste, such as that coming from a broken supply line, a leaking faucet, failure of the water heater, toilet tank, overflowing faucet and all. We have to make the statement that even though that water is clean if you do not pay attention to it quickly, that water gets into greywater or blackwater soon.

Gray water. This water is not literally gray but it is not “pure” or “Clean” because it is mixed with chemicals products or some type of waste; 

gray water is the water coming from washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with some urine (but not feces), dishwasher overflow or any other overflowing that mix water and other substance.

It is not so dirty, but it is not really clean. This gray water may contain bacteria and viruses and can quickly degrade into category 3 if it not treated straight away.

Blackwater. The blackwater is that severe contaminated and it produces serious health problems or death if it is ingested.

Blackwater comes from rivers or streams flooding; water from beyond the toilet trap; or from the toilet bowl with feces; or stagnant water that already has microbial growth.

Blackwater, often associated with Sewage Backup, may contain untreated sewage, harsh chemicals, and various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Nevertheless water quality, the water disposal must be ideally performed by a well -trained team that carries out everything related to it and help you at home mess.

Restoration Control Sewage Process

At Restoration Control, clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you are enduring a sewage event, a restoration service performed with devotion and efficiency, focused on resolving the Sewage Backup, must be what you receive. Our procedural work consists of:

  1. A comprehensive inspection, evaluation, and measurement of Sewage Backup damages. One of the benefits of relying on professionals for Sewage Backup removal is their expertise. When our team gets to your settlement, we begin the inspection in all the places we know may be affected or flooded by Sewage Backup. Next, we evaluate the type of damages caused by Sewage Backup and take notes about our inspection; then we measure the magnitude of the damages caused by Sewage Backup to finally design the best procedure to start fighting the problem.

  2. Careful Water extraction. Once we have planned the action, we carefully start water extraction. Of course, we have previously removed your appliances, furniture, and other items in order to set the area free and easy to work in it.
  3. Professional Setting up of equipment. Water extraction is performed using different types of equipment that are manipulated only by trained technicians; depending on the places and the amount of the extension of sewage flood, different types of equipment are selected.
  4. Deep Cleaning process. Cleaning is important for Restoration Control because we protect your health. After sewage is extracted and drained, our professional start a first cleaning step: using cleaning chemicals that remove bacteria and other hazardous microbes from your environment, our people clean and sanitize your home.
  1. Fussy Humidity measurement. Once sewage is removed and the cleaning task is finished, our professionals initiate the dehumidification process. In the beginning, the level of humidity is measured. Then, depending on its measure, we install equipment to dehumidify the environment.
  2. Multiple Cleaning and restoration. Besides dehumidification procedure, another cleaning up is performed. We clean again and fulfill restoration activities as required.
  3. Chemical Mold prevention treatment. Part of a proper cleaning and sanitization procedure is to take care of the mold. During the first touch with you, we made an inspection searching for damages, including mold appearance. But at this stage, supervision for mold is performed. If there were any mold signal, we mitigate it. If it is not, we apply chemical products to prevent mold growth.
  4. Fast Odor removal. Sickening Odor from sewage is diligent attacked. One of the worst elements of sewage is the odor. If after cleaning and dehumidification procedure any other would last, we follow deep odor removal procedures, and applying professional chemicals (not hazardous for a living) we eradicate that odor.
  1. Cleaning. Final deep cleaning is performed once again in order to you encounter a deep cleaned and adequate purify home.

Restoration Control Methodology is designed specially to offer our customers total satisfaction in the fields of restoration and cleaning. We not only solve your problem but we guarantee that your home will be clean and suitable for living. We give you a comprehensive restoration service.

Sewage backup

Restoration Control Advice: What do during a Sewage Incident

Once you have noticed that you have an emergency, there are some steps you might follow before professional help arrives. Follow these guidelines to have a less dangerous situation at home.

1.Call the restoration company. It is important to have always in an easy to reach a place, emergency telephones like restoration service one.

  1. Make a quick inspection to locate the place sewage has flooded.
  2. Before entering the affected area, turn off electricity from the electrical box.
  3. Never touch damped cables or electrical sockets.
  4. Once electricity is off, unplug electrical equipment and now try to stop water or sewage (if it is possible)
  5. If sewage comes from an overflowing faucet, for example, shut off the water. It is important to know where the valves are.
  6. If sewage comes from drainage, wait for the professionals. Remember that sewage is too contaminating.
  7. Take pictures of the affected area. If you have an insurance policy, pictures of the event and damages will be indispensable for future claims.
  8. Remove all the items you can handle. If there is furniture that you can take out, do it. But remove only those you can carry. Heavy items will be carried by technicians.

Security will be always a foremost for people of Restoration Control. Follow these easy steps will assure you a safer home until we take the problem in our hands.