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Before going into a self-imposed quarantine!
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    Coronavirus has been rapidly spreading around the world, and authorities are taking actions to slow it down. Even if there are no vaccines or medications to treat it yet, a coronavirus sanitization process will help you keep your family and employees safer.

    For this reason, at Restoration Control, we are offering low-cost sanitization services to help control the propagation of COVID-19 in our community. We are conveniently located in the Orlando and Kissimmee and are ready to service the Central Florida region. By having the customer only pay for the materials, we aim to be the example of solidarity for our community during emergencies, helping as much as possible to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 from spreading amongst our vulnerable citizens.

    After only 2 hours after completing the treatment and sanitation process, you will be able to enter a home or business free from most virus carrying pathogens. This also includes bacteria and any other harmful microorganism that may be present in your home or business. The effects of this treatment will last for as long as the comprehensive follow-up plan is followed, giving your family a feeling of safety and comfort amidst the coronavirus outbreak.


    Sanitize your home with Restoration Control!


    1- What more can I do to protect my family from coronavirus?
    2- What is sanitization?
    3- What is an Applied Microbial Remediation Technician?
    4- How can I eliminate the coronavirus from my home?

    What more can I do to protect my family from coronavirus?

    Follow the World Health Organization measures and clean frequently touched surfaces, especially those you touch when you come back home like doorknobs and light switches. This will reduce the chances of catching COVID-19 from infected objects. Also, consider disinfecting your smartphone, as you touch it when you are outside your home and it is in direct contact with your face.

    In addition to previous recommendations, one of the most effective methods for preventing coronavirus and other virus-related diseases in your home is sanitization.

    What is sanitization?

    While cleaning means physically removing dirt, germs, and debris from surfaces by washing and rinsing, the process of sanitization implies applying heat or chemicals to kill harmful microorganisms.

    This process might sound similar to the disinfecting you do when using household cleaning products, but in a much deeper and higher scale. The chemicals and processes used by the Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, guarantee a 99.99% of microorganism erasure and help prevent disease spreading and transmission.

    What is an Applied Microbial Remediation Technician?

    An Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) is a certified professional capable of performing remediation and sanitization services while protecting the health of the home’s residents and business employees. These professionals are equipped to treat almost any kind of microorganism-related health risk in your home or business, ranging from mold to transmissible viruses.

    How can I eliminate a coronavirus from my home?

    A coronavirus can be eliminated from your home along with many other harmful viruses and bacteria with our sanitization process. A sanitization process is something not covered by your insurance policy; however, Restoration Control is offering affordable prices to help protect vulnerable families in the Central Florida area.

    For more information on how Restoration Control can help you prevent coronavirus in your home, neighborhood and community, give us a call at +1 (833) 380-7378 or visit our website at https://restorationcontrol.com


    Sanitization, which is a process performed to destroy pathogenic and other kinds of microorganisms, is an excellent way to prepare yourself for quarantine. On this matter, it is important to note that a sanitization process is a different process from your everyday cleaning, as it can eliminate some of the most complex viruses, such as a coronavirus; from your home.

    “Make your home 99.99% free of harmful germs, viruses, and the coronavirus with our sanitization services”


    Step 1: Contact
    Step 2: Arrival
    Step 3: Preparation
    Step 4: Fog sanitization
    Step 5: Manual sanitization

    Importance of sanitization

    Everybody loves living in a clean home or working in a spotless office, but even if everything looks clean and tidy, there might still be bacteria or viruses lurking around. Moreover, common soaps cannot destroy all kinds of bacteria and viruses. To remove harmful microorganisms from your living spaces, you need a sanitization from a professional company.

    Step 1: Contact

    If you want to sanitize your home, you need to contact a company specialized in such services, like Restoration Control. When you contact us, we will design a tailored and low-cost procedure, to fit your needs. In fact, as part of a special campaign to prevent further spread from COVID-19, we are offering our services, not just only to the Orlando and Kissimmee areas; but to all Central Florida communities at a low cost to perform a sanitization.

    Step 2: Arrival

    When our team arrives at your property, they will evaluate the situation of your home or business. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) will let you know all the details about the process, its duration, scope, and effectivity.

    Step 3: Preparation

    After making sure the whole family, employees and clients are out of the home or business (pets included), our experts will enter the space and prepare it for sanitization. This includes taking out any garbage containers and removing furniture that should not be affected by not receiving treatment. After this, they will proceed to rinse with a high-pressurized fog and a special foam to remove any visible dirt or soil from your home or business.

    Step 4: Fog sanitization

    After this initial cleanup, our experts will bring in the tools to start the fog sanitization. This process begins by tightly closing windows, doors, and any other structure that might let contaminants into your home or business. Then, they will fill the structure with chemical gases formulated to kill bacteria and viruses. This process targets your walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture.

    Step 5: Manual sanitization

    Following the fog sanitization, the manual sanitization will follow. This stage involves manually rinsing frequently touched surfaces like tables, doorknobs, and countertops to guarantee the elimination of as many microorganisms as possible.

    Two hours after the whole process is finished, you will be able to enter your home and/or business again and enjoy a sanitized environment.