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Claim Management Resources

A company specialized in Claim Management Resources is responsible for adjusting and recovering claims for damages to properties of self-insured entities in the United States. CMR often are associated with governmental agencies such as Counties and

Municipalities and industrial utility organizations, such as companies that providetelecommunications, gas, cable and electricity services..


When a natural disaster occurs, the services are often affected, during a hurricane or tornado, power lines may break and this could have serious consequences for your home or business. When an event of this nature occurs, you can hire a CMR to make the insurance claim for the losses incurred during the restoration of the service. If you have a company that process a high volume of claim, then you maybe need a CMR service to improve the process of recovery.

How to know if CMR fits your organization?

The services of CMR are not suitable for all types of organizations, there are some key features that will determine if this type of service meets the needs of your company. The first characteristic that your business must have is the handling of a high volume of claims. Utilities companies generates hundreds of claims to insurance companies on an annual basis, one of the reasons for contracting CMR services is to effectively manage claims to insurance companies and recover the money from the claim in a faster way.

There are other services that a CMR company can offer, you can have several objectives by hiring the services of this type of companies; You may be interested in improving the time to recover money from a claim or increase the value agreed for the losses suffered by your company, perhaps the reason is to efficiently process a large volume of claims or you need to request an arbitration during a claim process, no matter what is the reason to hiring a CMR company, by partnering with a CMR company you are maximizing your resources by including highly qualified professionals in data management and arbitration portfolio management.

How CMR process a claim?

The process followed by a CMR agency to make a claim to the insurance company is as follows; After the damage occurs, whether due to a natural disaster or damage of any other nature, the CMR company generates a report of the loss, the CMR agency will convene for a meeting with the client, and there will be established what is the costs to perform the claim process, the successful of a claim process rely on that the evidence is collected properly and all the terminologies used in the insurance policies are handled correctly, this way the adjuster prevent that a misinterpretation of the policy terms will reduce the amount you will receive, after reaching an agreement on the costs of the claim process, the CMR company will deliver a quote without any hidden cost.


The recovery process begins, and the CMR send a specialist to collect evidences of the damages, when the inspection of the place is finished, all the gathered information is analyzed by the adjuster that is building the case, this adjuster will interpret the insurance policies and will negotiate with the insurance company to finally get a fair settlement. After the payment is received, the CMR collects the amount previously establish with the client for the services rendered and will pay the recovered fund to the client.

The cost of the CMR services is a percentage of the total fund of the claim, this is the quantity that the CMR agency negotiated with the client at the beginning of process. Services may vary depending on the type of service you may need and the zip code of the affected zone.

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