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Claims Management System

Every accident you experience in your property makes you as a homeowner to become nervous and stress; feelings resulting from the accident emerge and you might not think with clarity. You have no idea about what to do to solve the problem. You have to face two types of problems: a logistic, dealing with your normal home living; and a money issue, but at the end you need to act out quickly.

During water damages, flood damages, fire damages or smoke damages, your face mess all around your spot. Your normal living is not the same because all members in your family are exposed to water, humidity, mold, smoke or any other factor that affects their health.


Restoring your home to normal conditions is imperative and if your family has been affected by the damages, those problems must be solved right away.

To solve the damages and to care about family health problems, you need the action of professional services; for material damages, restoration services must be hired which require the investment of money. For family health problems, you also need money. The pocket of the families is seriously affected by those required services and the last hope is having an insurance policy to get some money from it starting an insurance claim.


What is a claim?

Homeowners usually must have an insurance policy to protect their home and that policy is extensive to people injuries in case of any eventuality. When there are damages in the property, or in people’s integrity, homeowners who have insurance policies and want the insurance company “act in favor of insurance holder”, the claim is necessary.

The claim is the action taken by the policy holder at the insurance company in which the policy holder expresses the damages suffered and advocates the insurance company to provide money to restore damages or substitute damaged items. The amount of money is stated in the insurance policy as well as damages covered by the policy or items suitable tobe replaced.

Claim processes are extremely delicate and important for homeowners. This process demands a series of steps and procedures that must be conducted sequentially. Claims require.

Contact the insurance company at the moment of the catastrophe

As soon as you face an eventuality or damage at home, call the insurance company to inform the event.

Record damages

After calling the insurance company, give a glance to your property to have an idea about the damages.

Proper documentation of damages

The proper documentation of damages is important because you need reliable information to introduce the claim. To take pictures of damages, and make videos of them; collect and have at hand the invoices and bills of damaged items: every “proof” will act in your benefit to conduct a successful claim.

Introduce the claim at the insurance company

Initially, right away after the eventuality, you must notify the insurance company about the disaster. But you have to introduce a document in written, to start the claim process.

Documents to support your claim must be issued: pictures, police report, fire reports or insurance personnel inform about damages must be included.

Start the process of the professional supervision

The insurance company will send an inspector to your property who will evaluate the damages. Inspectors look for damages and ponder the extension of it. Using this evaluation, the experts of the insurance company will calculate the estimate amount of money insurance holder will receive.

Follow the claim

After you start the claim, you must be in constant communication with the insurance company to follow up the claim process.

Meet with insurance company

When the insurance company or you as an insurance holder estimate appropriated, the two parts will meet and talk about details of the claim. Sometimes the insurance company might require further details or you as a policy holder might consider necessary to provide extra information.


Agree the settlement

The last step of the claim is the settlement: the insurance company meets with the policy holder and informs the amount of money the company will provide to the holder. Both parts must agree. If policy holder does not agree, he/she can re-open the case.

Unfortunately the terms of policies are not commonly handled by them and the lack of knowledge of terminology result many times in a disappointed experience where insurance holder do not get what they expect from the claim…or they get anything at all. That is the reason why Restoration Control strongly recommends to every homeowner that is interested in start a claim, to hire a public adjuster. Public adjusters represent policy holders at the insurance claim and conduct all the claim process, leading to a happy settlement.

Nowadays the claim process can be initiated not only in paper, but using software claim management.


What is claim management system?

The processing of claims is probably the most delicate service activities insurance companies fulfill. It requires a delicate management of claim and claims management has been the complete life insurance claim system, specially developed to provide claims management and processing support for different types of claims in a single system.

Thanks to claim management system the claim processes have been simplified, claim service has been improved and costs have been reduced.

The processing of claim is very delicate and the complexity of manage the environment of claims using multiple systems and manual procedures originate errors and slow the procedures; on the other hand, harms derived to those errors were very usual, damaging the trustability of the clients towards the insurance company.

A claim management system helps any insurance company organization to simplify the claim process for everyone: policy holders, employees, agents and third parties can reach a more coordinated job. It benefits improving claim service as well as it reduces costs. As a comprehensive life insurance claim system, claim management system supports a variety of claims in a single system, enabling financial service companies to raise their productivity and minimize costs.

We, Restoration Control strongly advise you the use of this wonderful claim management system for solving claim issues. You will never regret such a tremendous help in times of need.