Five best claim management software

Currently, insurance companies use claims management software to evaluate risks before approving an insurance policy and to manage and assess the claims of active policies that enter into litigation processes. It is important that insurance brokers have a tool that allows them to handle the claims process in a detailed manner, they need to have a work-flow that indicates the progress of each claim process, and at the same time include details like litigation, negotiation, and any other relevant information about the claim process.

There are several things that a claims management software must have; the product must have the capability to detect potential fraud claims, Must help the broker to evaluate risks and identify possible complexities in the claim process, must assist the brokers with document management and settlement work-flows, and finally the software must allow to the user to create claim reports. Here we will present the 5 best claims management software.

Applied Epic

This is the most technologically advanced software of the industry, it is a system flexible and secure, ideal to companies that have a cloud-based management of the documents, allowing the exchange of information between the insurance companies, agents and clients, this software allows the agents to compare policies, contract, and documents, and create client reports to keep the history of them, this way the broker will efficiently manage the financial accounting process of each client.


DRC is also a Cloud-based insurance system, that enables the insurance companies to manage their policy quotes, billing and claims. This solution offers features for brokers, carriers, and policyholders, such as the possibility of convert quotes into policies, by being a cloud-based solution allows the agents or brokers to search any claim process by the name of the client, by the police number or by any other relevant information about a claim process. This software adapts to the size of your insurance company, it does not matter if the company, is small, medium or Large, this software can help you to manage with efficiency all the claim processes of your clients.

Agency suites software

It is a cloud-based work-flow management software created by Ezlynx. This solution is ideal for an agent with a growing customer portfolio, it allows the broker to manage the client data and generate more business thanks to the marketing focus of the software. It is easy to use and have a great real-time quote rating system, the system provides pre-fill and saved quotes templates, but the user could add some custom features such as predictive analytic risk assessments or renewal notifications to the forms. Support is offered via phone.

NowCerts software

This is a cloud-based solution that allows an insurance company to track claims, reports, commissions, to do task management, to make reports, reminders, and certificates, NowCerts integrates with multiple applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, SignNow, among others, the users of the software can create project, assign task of the project created and tracking the progress of each task, it also allows the agent to edit, e-mailed and saves different forms that could help him to manage the claim processes of each client. Support is provided via on-line, e-mail, helpdesk or over the phone.

ISI Enterprise Software

ISI Enterprise is a cloud-base solution that helps small insurance companies to administrate claim processes, billing and other services related with the administration of insurance policies, this software offers to the insures a repository to manage the documentation of all the clients portfolio, it also provides a service of managing the billing through an automated creation tool and helps the insurance agents to trace reinsurance calculation and generates reports for the interactions with the reinsurance partners. Support is available via phone There are innumerable software available on the market for the management of insurance claims, to choose one over another will depend on the needs of the company that will acquire it, if you have doubts about which software best suits your needs, contact Restoration Control and we will gladly send you one of our experts to guide you in the acquisition of your software. Do not waste time or money trying to find out which is the best solution. Hire our services and we will find the best software for you.

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