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What is Storm Damage

Every storm brings around muddle, debris and destruction. Arrival of storms might be predicted by meteorological services but to predict what damages you are going to suffer at home is impossible! Roofs, plumbing, electricity or landscapes can be hardly damaged by storms. To hire professional contractors to bring back the balance in your property must be your immediate concern as soon as storms end up. The order and cleanness of homes is crucial for every family emotional state. So, we are here for you! Restoration Control counts with a huge portfolio of experts in every area of restoration. We will solve accurately any kind of storm damage.

Devastating effects of storms come from the multiplicity of natural phenomena occurring at the same time. There are strong fast winds with speeds of more than 55mph; heavy unstoppable precipitations; rainstorms for hours; extremely devastating tornados; clamorous rough hail; noisy thunders and alarming lighting …everything occurring at the same time. Of, course that the conjugation of all these events must entail damages and destruction. In the middle of destruction we tell you again, you need to make repairs and restorations all along structures, water pipes, doors, windows and replacement of furniture in short time. Ideally having an insurance policy is always advisable to manage the expenses.

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Storm Damages you Might Encounter at home

Damages may differ from city to city and from home to home. Particular characteristics of storms, variation of winds, precipitation, etc., produce damages non-equal to all area extension. And consequently, not every home will suffer the same type of damage that the rest of the neighborhood might face. But there are some generalities about storm damages. Let’s take a look at them:

Your home might be flooded. When storms arrive, many gallons of water run at the same time. If rain lasts for a kind of long period, water meets in specific areas and runs along the street. That running water becomes stream like and they can get into your home and flood your garden and home interior. At water get into your home, carpets, furniture, and appliances get damped. All those items already wet and damped demands professional removal, drying and restoration.

Debris might invade your property. Winds that accompany storms are strong enough to blow trees, branches, garbage containers and more.
When all that material is blown through the air, they can fly for hundreds of meters, leaving behind all along the ways, including your property. Storm damages roofs. Storm and its best friend, wind, start serious damages on your home roof. Heavy showers usually loose shingles and tiles, removing glue or just make them fall; also strong winds are the reason for shingles or tiles falling. When roof is damaged, the risk water leaks inside your home is latent, originating collateral damages as damped furniture, ceilings, walls and carpets.

Electricity might fail. A common accident during rainstorm and strong winds is the falling of wires out in the street. Nature is really strong and wires are usually torn out. Then it might happen to wires of your home and you probably may experience having no electricity. If you see hangings wires or on the pavement outside your home, call immediately emergency services. Risk of being shortcut are really high; pay attention if any cable is making contact with your home; if it is like that, avoid touching door knobs, windows or outer walls.

Now, from all the above, what damages are you encountering right now? Contact professional services right away to be well assisted. Call Restoration Control.

Restoration Control Takes Everything under Control during Storms

Yes! You really need urgent help after storms…damages demand urgent actions. You are nervous after living moments in the middle of thunders, lighting and heavy rainstorms; worried about your family safety and material losses at home; and probably homeless or in a shelter because a demolished dirty home. When emergency goes over, it is time to think about recovery process. Our job is to be by your side right away for that recovery process, making complete restoration for your home. Our compromise is:

1. Be available for any emergency 24/7. You can call us anytime and our kind personnel at help line will listen all your needs and we will send our technicians right away. They will approach your home to superintend damages in your property. Water, winds or flood might cross the threshold and our people can evaluate the extension of damages and required restoration.
2.Get away all damaged material, extract water and dry the areas. If water got into your home during storms, we will extract them professionally and leave the area perfectly dried. The use of machinery might be required and we count with ultimate equipments for those tasks. Extraction of water is vital because if it stagnation contribute to mold growing, mildew and deeper damages on flooring, carpets, plywood, wood and other porous materials. When water extraction is done, dehumidification procedures, mildew odor removal and sanitizing procedures will be done. The removal of damped or damaged material will be carried out because anything damped or damaged can be in site…they are ideal for mold growing, as we said before. And you do not need infected furniture or molded carpets at home.
3. Make mold diagnosis. At the same time water extraction is performed, urgent deeply mold diagnosis has to be carried out. In the middle of dampness and humidity mold grows and spreads silently. The many illnesses mold causes at respiratory system, eyes and skin requires been struggled seriously. Specialized chemical products for cleaning and containment are always used by us. We will execute maneuvers to avoid mold growing and if it already exists, stop the spreading over other surfaces.
4. Execute plumbing, electrical or brickwork procedures. Storms probably have affected your water pipes, electrical wires or loosen bricks. If any of those events occurred at your home, we will perform all the amendments in short time so you can go back to your normal life soon.
5. Deliver a perfectly clean and sanitize home. Storms bring inside your home sewage, debris and dirty material. All those stuff take infections and bacteria hazardous for your health. The removal of them must be done accurately to provide a safe spot to your family. We care about you so the cleaning procedure is not only cleaning, but sanitize.
Restoration Control makes hard work to satisfy your needs, pamper your family and guarantee you receive the best quality service. Contact us.

Advices before Storms

To know about storm characteristics gave you some ideas about how dangerous they are. Experiencing them before also…but if you had in the past that bitter moment without knowing what to do now it is the moment to learn some strategies for being prepared.

1. Be always alert about weather forecast. If you have heard about storm alarms, never underestimate them and be cautious. Shelter you and your family in safe places.
2. If you have objects outside your house, like garden furniture, grills or pool accessories place them inside your house or secure them.
3. Protect your property form floods placing sandbags or other protection at doors. Secure your windows.
4. Keep out of water reach electrical appliances, important documents and any other valuable item you might have. If water gets into your place, it might damage them.
5. Check drains and gutters periodically in order you avoid they clogged and storm produces more damages with water stuck on your roof.

Being ready and knowing what to do in emergencies might save your life, your family and will avoid more material losses. And remember the advices from Restoration Control.