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With a team of highly-trained, multidisciplinary professionals, Restoration Control will be there to assist you when any kind of damage hits your home or business. We will help you restore your property, regardless of the significance of the damage.


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Roofing Services

We consider important you be aware about the reasons that cause water damage at home. 

We know water is the most valuable element for life, but water can be also very damaging when an accident or weather phenomenon happens. Those cases are known as water damages.

A water damage can be produced because of a pipe break, a flood, a hurricane, a heavy storm or a sewage backup. Some water damages at home are rotting of wood, growth of mold, rusting of steel, deaminating of materials such as plywood, and many others. 

Those damages can become a terrible nightmare for you! To solve them you require a trustable water damage restoration, Restoration Control provides you with a professional restoration service.

 It doesn’t matter what time you have a water damage, even during weekend we are available for you. Don’t worry, Restoration Control is here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days in the year.

The way Restoration Control fight Water Damage

Never let important responsibilities on inexperienced hands, Restoration Control technicians are highly qualified. We know exactly the right procedure to mitigate the eventuality and you ended up with a big smile knowing that you are doing well at hiring the best team.

We use only the best equipment, strategies and planning so water damage will be solved in short time, and in optimal way. 

ahead: dehumidification and final clean up.

  • First: Our personal will answer your call providing accurate information, giving you the right instructions for acting while our team reached your home. You and your safety are important for us. 
  • Second: When our equipment gets to your home, they will make a professional inspection for the evaluation of the damages, they will give you a complete analysis of the situation and explain to you all the water damage restoration procedure. We are there to help you. An open communication is important for us, outstanding client´s need and satisfaction.
  • Third: To prepare equipment for water damage restoration to initiate the water damage process; the technician measured the magnitude of the water damage. Depending on the damage, we select the equipment’s and techniques to use for the job. We have a vast array of equipment’s and each of them is selected for your particular reality.
  • Fourth: Preparation of the area for water extraction and drying. To get this goal, we clear the area: furniture, equipment’s or appliances are moved out of the affected area. It is indispensable that the area has been empty before starting extraction and drying.
  • Fifth: Water extraction process. At having the right equipment previously selected after the diagnostic, we extract the water. After water extraction, using high qualities products, we clean and sanitize the area. Then, we take pictures again to keep a procedural record of our job.
  • Sixth: Removal of damaged damped material. After the area is dried, technicians evaluate the damages again. If it necessary to remove wood, carpets, baseboard, tiles or any other damaged item. After the removal, our team clean and sanitize the area again.
  • Seventh: Mold growing evaluation. Mold grows in damped humid areas, when water is not removed on time, mold might start to grow. If that is your eventuality, we make containment which consists of avoiding the spread of mold to other areas.
  • Eight: Drying of the area. Once the area is set, equipment’s for dehumidification process are installed. We never install these equipment’s if we are not 100% that the drying process is complete. The hygiene of your home is extremely important for us. If we set equipment’s over a wet floor, the mess will flood your home again. 

We know there are many steps but this is our way to provide you only a top-quality service and we have two more steps are ahead: dehumidification and final clean up. We know there are many steps but this is our way to provide you only a top-quality service and we have two more steps are ahead: dehumidification and final clean up. 

Dehumidification Process: When everything is dry, the level of humidity in the area that was damaged must be measured. We install the dehumidification equipment and it will be there until we are sure the level of humidity at your home is normal. Everyday a technician will go to your home to check humidity level. After the level is at a considered normal, we remove the dehumidification equipment.

Restoration Control Advise About Water Damage

Here are some tips to know about water damage and how to prevent future damages as well as inform you in relation to how to act. 

During a Water Damage 

First: If your area is flood, evacuate it; and if you need to go into a flood area, wear rubber. Water damage can be harmful for you because you can be exposed to flood danger, contaminated water and mold growth.

Second: Shut off electricity and unplug electrical appliances to avoid shortcuts. Keep safe valuable items, such as documents or electronics. 

Third: To stop Water Damage. If you have identifying the origin, try to stop water and avoid more damages. For example, if the cause of the damage is a burst pipe or hot water tank leak, shut-off valves. 

Fourth: Open windows and door to air your home. This speed up the process of drying of your home. Ventilate the area will also avoid humidity odors. If you have a dehumidifiers or fan, this is the time you can use them to help water evaporate faster.

For avoid future damages:

  • Try to do maintenance of pipelines, water taps, gutters, and other water sources frequently (unclog them or replace them if they are damaged). Also inspect sump pumps annually. Sump pumps must be drain at least once a year. 
  • Check water pressure, if it is too high, it damages pipes and plumbing fixtures. If your home’s water pressure is too high, a plumber can install a pressure reducing valve to adjust it down to safer levels.
  • Do regular maintenance to HVAC. Remember that broken HVAC spill water so it originates water damage.
  • Maintain plumbing properly; have a plumber to inspect your toilet, water pipes and valves; remember that water from septic tanks not only damage your items but it is hazardous for your health.
  • Never drop grease or oil down the drain; habitual disposal of oil-based liquids down the drain will lead to clogged pipes and can cause water to back up.
  • Watch out roof leaks. If you realized your roof is leaking, repair it immediately before the damage gets any worse.

 Never doubt about calling us during water emergencies, Restoration Control is a firm that arrives to Florida State to help everyone in urgent need. Call us anytime, we have a 24/7 service. Well planned, skillful personnel, best equipment and practices.

We can do it for you!